Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Visit to An Artisan Cheese Company

With this wonderful summer we are having, we find ourselves on the motorcycle nearly every day.  A couple of days ago, we headed up to Bow/Edison once again as we love the ride through the Skagit Valley and along Puget Sound.
My blogger friend, Linda had commented on my post about our trip to Chuckanut drive that there was a cheese company up that way.  On this trip, we spotted their sign at the bottom of Bow Hill Road.
A young lady brought out a tray of cheese for us to sample.
They were making cheese, so they allowed me to peek into their kitchen to check out the process.
We purchased a "Mama Bell" (2 pound) block of the Ladysmith with Dill, then stopped at the Bread Company for a loaf of fresh bakery bread.
We stopped at the Old Edison Inn on our way through Edison

Where we had a late lunch on their outdoor beer garden.
Their oyster burger is very good!

In the evening we had a romantic loaf of bread, jug of wine, and slices of cheese on the porch when we got home.