Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Motorcycle Ride to Chuckanut Drive

One of our favorite motorcycle rides is the one through the Stillaguamish and Skagit Valleys and up Chuckanut Drive to Bellingham.  This one is also scenic for the entire way, starting with
Views of Deer Mountain as we rode on Jordan Road between Granite Falls and Arlington.
The park at the Jordan Bridge over the South Fork of the Stilley
The one lane road over Jim Creek where the bridge is under repair.
We crossed I-5 at Island Crossing and took Pioneer Highway into Stanwood.
Lots of barns and farm smells - dairy farms and sileage and an occasional field of clover.
At Conway, we smelled oats cooking at Conway Feed.  We turned onto the road to LaConner at Conway.
Then through the fertile Skagit Valley where the crops all have mountain views and usually have signs to identify them on the road.
The smell of waffle cones cooking at Snow Goose Produce is nearly enough to thwart any diet.
We continued on Best Road all the way to where it crosses Highway 20 and becomes Farm to Market Road.
Farm to Market Bakery
The town of Edison has two amazing bakeries.
The Bread Farm
and some really fine places to eat.
The Longhorn Saloon where we had fish and chips.

A mile further, in Bow, the Rhodendron Cafe is great.
We turned onto Chuckanut Drive in Bow.
You can't be in a hurry on this drive.  The views are awesome and lots of bicyclists and sightseers share the road.
There are lots of turn outs where you can stop and take pictures and enjoy the views.
Oyster fields at Taylor Seafood Farm
Big container ships in the shipping lanes, San Juan Islands behind them.
It doesn't take much dirt to keep a cedar tree alive.
Back on the bike, up to Bellingham, and back home via Highway 9.   A lovely day for a ride and great scenery to enjoy!