Monday, May 6, 2013

Cinco De Mayo at Swartz Lake

These are the days we live for in the Pacific Northwest, but they usually come in July!
So we were very blessed to have an 80 degree day on a Sunday in early May.
It took a brave 6-year old to convince me it really was time to start swimming.  Sadie is definitely the bravest, but six of us finally went for a swim.
All girls, I might add.....
We all went up to the garden to plant some seedlings.
Kyrie and Joseph put the painted strawberry rocks into the strawberry patch to hopefully fool the birds.
The grandkids are working with me on a children's book I'm writing, "Grandma Rosie's Garden"
Everybody helped.  Even if it was only to watch or supervise.

Then they rushed back to the lake
and the hot tub.
A fun day for everyone - even Tillie, once she got out of her PJ's.