Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A trip to the "Other Side"

We made our last car ferrying trip this weekend.  Our son and his family in Eastern Washington babysit our truck in the winter to keep it running.  It is always fun to see a real farm family - living close to nature in a great place for a ranch.
Tony and Sara were just returning from a horseback ride up into the hills to check on their cattle.  They compete together several times during the summer at rodeos.

Tina has added even more raised beds to her garden.  It is looking really great!
One of Jesse's many work ventures is carving signs.
He also helped Tony build this huge new barn while we were gone this winter.
This is the view from the upper floor of the barn.
We had met my brother, David, in Pateros on our way and he gave us a wonderful box of Washington apples.  We followed his directions to the apple warehouse in Chelan, and stopped for more apples on our way home.
Red delicious
Golden delicious
Granny Smith
We mixed and matched
And loaded up three boxes to take home.