Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spring is Here!

Spring is our busy time - it gives "spring cleaning" a new meaning when you stay away for six months and have six months of deferred maintenance to deal with.
While we are working toward maintenance free - hence metal roofs and trex decks, nothing can quite match up with a Washington winter.  I spent most of one day power washing decks and walkways.
These I do every year, but the one in front of the cabin has been neglected.  While I have washed it, it has been with the hose, not the pressure washer, and I didn't move all the plants and furniture. So it was another half day job.
There was actual moss growing on the cement.  The good news is it looks pretty good now!
While I concentrated on decks and gardens, Ron has been mowing.
He has been through all 10 acres once now, and even got the burn pile burned.
That was a major job, and it was really wet and soggy, but he persevered and it got done.
I cleaned out weeds and planted both of my raised beds, weeded the strawberries, 
and got all the winter rye tilled in and ready to plant the main garden.  If everything grows well and we have a good season, I should be able to open a truck garden.  
Next job - flower gardens - this is the dahlia bed and it really needs attention.
 But Ron has the bike out and clean, the sun is still shining, and we need a break, so this afternoon is ride time!