Sunday, February 10, 2013

Spring has Sprung in SW Georgia

This may be the earliest we have ever seen the azaleas in bloom around Lake Eufaula.  We started seeing a few blooms a week or so ago, but now they are all fully in bloom.
The Japanese Magnolia are nearly done blooming, but the spirea are starting - see the white plant at the base of the Magnolia.
It is strange to see the spring flowers when some trees are still bare of leaves and some Christmas decorations are still hanging.
The annual tour of antebellum mansions in the city of Eufuala is the first week in April.  Usually this coincides with azalea and dogwood blooms.  This year, the azalea at least will be long finished with their blooms.
Carolina Creeper
Red Bud
and freshly plowed fields all tell us the groundhog was right - at least for SW Georgia.