Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Motorcycle Ride to Pine Island

As we came across the bridge onto Pine Island, we saw that they were still working on the new bridge.  We wondered if the entire road was being widened.  If so, what will happen to all the little houses and shops just across the bridge in the small town of Matlache.
The road is dotted with shops and restaurants, all clustered nearly on top of the road.
It's like they had a contest to see who could produce the most colorful storefront.
Past the village of Matlache, all evidence of town disappeared as we entered an area where the wetlands are being restored.  On a bike, your senses are all involved.  Here the smell of decaying foliage was very strong.
We turned north at the end of the road.  The north end of Pine Island is dotted with nurseries.  The swamp smell was replaced by orange blossom smell.  
It is always hard to believe a tall palm tree is supported by such a tiny root system.  Yet, they withstand hurricane force winds occasionally, as Pine Island is a barrier island.
Bokeela, another small village, sits at the far north end of the island.
Captain Don's Fish Restaurant is an extremely popular place.  In the middle of the day on a Wednesday, we had to wait for a table.
Our friends, Fran and Patti, were our companions for this trip.
Another day in paradise!  We are happy to be back in Florida, if only for a few days this trip.