Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Boating on Lemon Bay

Although it has been warm and sunny, it has been breezy, so we have put off taking the boat out.  Over the weekend, it was calm, but weekends are so busy on the waters that we decided to wait until Monday for our boat ride.
Fran and Patti, Glen and DeeDee and Ron and I headed out for Venice.
We always see birds on the mangrove islands, but I have never seen so many brown pelicans in one place.
I think the schools of mullet in the canals are what caused so many birds to be congregated here.
The canal between Englewood and Venice was full of mullet fishermen of all kinds.  These guys were impressive in their ability to throw an eight-foot diameter net into a perfect circle and then drag it up full of the heavy fish.
We pulled into "Pop's" for lunch and then to the fuel dock to fill the boat.  It was a great day for an outing in Lemon Bay with friends!