Saturday, December 15, 2012

Beaches and Sights of Venice

The south end of Venice Island, FL, is mostly city parks.
The first access to the beach is at Maxine Barritt Park.
Sharky's Restaurant is nestled between two parks and also has beach frontage and a long pier in front of the restaurant.
On the other side of Sharky's Pier 
is the Service Club Park
Where on the 3rd Saturday of every month, Florida Underwater Sports sponsors a weekend scuba dive.  Dunkin' Donuts supplies donuts and coffee for divers and the company logs divers in and pairs them up if they come alone to dive.
So, what they are diving for is mostly big shark teeth, such as this one.  This diver let us hold the big tooth and told us he dives every day for teeth and sells them to tourist shops in town.  
After thinking about it, we went back and asked him if the teeth he had were for sale, and how much.  To our dismay, this one was in the $1200 category.  Pretty and amazing, but definitely out of our price range.  I was tempted to rush back and get my snorkel and mask, but we were on a bike ride, so we continued on.
On our way up Venice Avenue, we came across this amazing Christmas decorative display.
The median had natural decorations - such as these Banyan trees,
and multiple colors of Hibiscus.
The shopping district of Venice has multiple dolphin 
statues, painted in colorful designs,
with turtles also taking their place on the avenue
making it an interesting place to walk.
Since we were in Venice, we stopped at Nokomis Groves,
and had a dish of chocolate/lime swirled ice cream.