Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Hike through Lemon Bay Park on Christmas Day

The trail through Lemon Bay Park is a couple of miles in length, starting with a paving stone area around a butterfly garden, where native plants are nicely labeled.
Lop-Sided Indian Grass
Muhly Grass
Red Pentas

Gaillardia and many more!

Benches are located about every 100 yards so you can stop to watch for birds and wild life.
Oak trees form a canopy over much of the trail.
We spotted this tortoise on the side of the trail about a mile in.
Ferns filled one whole section of the trail.
Spanish moss and palmetto plants
This Pine burl looked like someone had carved a bear head on the tree.
At one point, a side trail took us to this beach on Lemon Bay.