Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Beachcombing On a Sunny Evening

A lot of the time, we don't have much beach at our Georgia house.  The waterlines on the dock supports show how low the lake is right now.
The lake was crystal clear and completely calm this evening, the temperature was around 75 degrees, and I decided to wander along our new found beach seeing what I could find.
 Other creatures besides me have been along the waterfront.  I am sure the raccoons and the big wading birds are enjoying the easier access to all the fresh water clams.
My friend, Lonnie, collects heart shaped rocks.  She assured me that if I looked for them, I would find them.  My first one needed some imagination to be a heart.
The second one was more pronounced, and I could really see a heart in this one.
Oh my, here is another one!  Lonnie is right, they are everywhere!

I took a picture of the lawns that Ron has finished mowing, and got to the top of the hill in time to see the sun go down over the lake.