Sunday, October 21, 2012

Back in the South

As we left Iowa, we saw our first weather - just enough clouds and raindrops to make a gorgeous sunrise over Iowa farms, and a rainbow over the cornfields.
The leaves have been glorious all the way from Stevens Pass in Washington through Tennessee.  Around Birmingham, AL, we reverted back to mostly green.
We have to face the fact that our Satsuma tree is now fully a lemon tree.  It is covered with fruit in various stages of ripeness.
The lake is low after a dry summer, leaving us a big beach area. 

The flower beds are overrun with weeds, but the lawns were nicely mowed, thanks to our great neighbors.  
The sumac has taken over Mom's dry creek bed, and the vacant lots were covered with vines and trees.
But after two days of me working in the flower beds and Ron attacking the lots with the Kubota and the brushhog, things are definitely looking up and we are reminded how much we love this place!