Saturday, September 22, 2012

Recovering our Breakfast Nook

 Twenty four years ago, we went to the Fair and found a company that came out and custom designed furniture for our breakfast nook area.  At that time our children were mostly grown and we didn't have any grandchildren.  So we chose a nice light colored fabric that has worn like iron over the years.  However, after years of children using it for forts, eating dinner and ice cream there, and chasing each other around the table on the cushions, it was a spotted mess.
So in the interest of the general maintenance we have undertaken this year, we found a local company to reupholster the nook.
First step, figure out the jigsaw type puzzle of how it all went together and tear it out.
Then we had to figure out how to load it all into the installers truck. It took two trips, but their shop is only a mile away.

Once the furniture was gone, we thoroughly cleaned the area.  After 25 years, it really needed it!  
Two days later, the recovered furniture comes back!  Notice the more appropriate color for a 20 grandchildren kind of place.
The jigsaw puzzle was easier on the second exposure to it.
We are really happy with the finished product and would highly recommend "The Upholstery Shop" in Granite Falls!