Thursday, August 16, 2012

Visiting on Vashon

Our long time friends, Dick and Lora, live on Vashon Island, so we don't see them as much as we would like.  We left the house early in time to catch the big rodent in our field - at least she wasn't in the garden.

There is something about having to take a ferry to visit that slows us down.  It isn't so bad on a week day or on the motorcycle, and yesterday was an ideal day for a ferry ride.
What a lovely day to be in the Pacific Northwest.  We took a picture just like tourists.
What a setting they have.  The view over the pasture is of the sound.  If you look hard, you can see Scotty, the llama in the pasture.
Here is a closeup.
Lora with G.P. (Good Puppy)
And a close up.
A labor of love for over 25 years, the house is nearly finished.
Special touches grace every floor - like this copper tiled ceiling entry.
Dick and Ron talking old times in front of some of Dick's life long collection of automobile memorabilia.
A few of Dick's car collection.