Thursday, August 2, 2012

The great roofing project of 2012

It is really nice having handy men in our lives!  Our son, Tony, and grandson, Jesse, came over this week to replace and repair all the roofs in our life.  The biggest and most important to get done when the weather is good is our main house.  
They got an early start from their home in E. Washington, and were here before 10 a.m.  They hardly stopped to say hello before they began tearing the old roof off.  When they got to the lake side, they disturbed about a thousand bats who had been living under the shingles for about 20 generations. 
Before the day was done, the old roof was gone and the repair phase  began.  Several boards along the edges had rotted, so they had to be replaced.

Jesse hauled every piece of roofing and handed it to Tony, who was on the roof.
The end of the second day saw the new roofing complete on the lake side, and all the repairs complete on both sides.
Today, the driveway side of the house is complete.  Tony even re-grouted the chimney.
Oh boy - this is the scary roof.  Tony replaced the ridge cap for us.
On to the garage roof tomorrow. 
Meanwhile, Ron worked on replacing all the uprights in the carport,
And I cleaned all the moss and debris from the roof project off the clothesline patio.
Ron and I are totally pooped tonight!  Tony and Jesse have more stamina, but they have been working long days too, so it is an early to bed day for all of us!