Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer is Finally Here

 When our son and his family visited on Saturday, we spent most of the day flinging ourselves into the lake.  

 It was a perfect summer day - temperature around 80, lake warming up finally, and clear blue skies all day.  The first real weekend of summer since we all know that summer in Washington starts on the 4th of July.
Ron and I pumped up the float a few weeks ago, and it has been weathering storms ever since.  Now it is ready for a bit more air, but we still enjoyed it.
Sunday, Ron and I rode the bike all day.  Starting on Burn Road with its wonderful views of Mt Pilchuck.
Along Pioneer Highway between Stanwood and Conway, we smelled the wild roses in places, the dairy farms in others, and finally the grain mill that smells like fresh oatmeal as we neared Conway.
Through the farmland of the Skagit Valley where most of the fields are marked for the non-farmers to see what crops are growing.
When our friends visited from Alabama a couple of years ago, we asked what was different than they expected of our world.  They answered unequivocally, "All the agriculture".   It really is amazing and wonderful to see all the beautiful soil and lovely growing crops.