Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer in the Country

With real summer upon us, we have been pretty busy and haven't been very good about posting blogs.  This is the year that everything in our world decided it needed attention.  From the roofs on the house and garage to the carport to the landscaping to stain on the house - it all screamed for attention at once.  So we have been busy trying to get everything back in order.
As you can clearly see from the "new" stain, this really needed to be done!  Ron finished the south side yesterday.
When some of the grandkids came to visit on Saturday, they even helped me with pruning.
They actually have good eyes for seeing which branches to remove as we cut the big Rhododendron back.  It was trying to take over the lawn.
Even little Colt demanded a turn.  All I had to do was guide them to the next bush and keep an eye on their decisions.
They helped me decide where to put our Halloween kitty.
They we all took turns driving around looking to see what was blooming and fruiting in the garden and the trails through the woods.