Thursday, July 12, 2012

Some work, some play

I decided I had way too many flower beds.  So my solution was to expand my iris garden and salvage all the poor iris plants in a small weed bound flower bed on the other side of the driveway.  Luckily, I have a rotovator on a small Kubota tractor, so I was able to till another path alongside the original flower bed.  When I had trimmed and planted all the iris I used the last of my bark to cover the entire area.
While Ron mowed, I weeded the big dahlia garden.  Then I went into the garden, picked raspberries, and weeded some more.
The peas were starting to fall over as they had far over reached the top of where I had string, so I added a couple more loops of string to this raised bed.
Squash are finally starting to put out blossoms.  I discovered a couple of Kale plants that survived the slugs, bunnies and deer also.
Beans in the second raised bed are starting to climb, so I may actually get some beans this year.  I finished off my day Tuesday picking raspberries, leaving yesterday free for a nice long bike ride.
We left early, heading South and taking the back roads to Monroe.  It is a perfect motorcycle road, winding along by a few farms, lots of forest, and rivers and lakes.
For several miles, we looked over Lake Roesiger before we came to Woods Creek Rd.
 Woods Creek tumbles through this pretty farm.
The blueberry farm on Woods Creek Road.
Taking the back road between Carnation and Fall City, we enjoyed the Carnation Marsh area, then views of the flower farms and Tall Chief Golf Course.
Final destination - the beautiful park at Snoqualmie Falls.
The park is wonderful - so many species of native flora, 
and lots of interpretive signs.
It was a beautiful day - riding in shirtsleeves all the way back, smelling the smells, breathing the fresh air, and glad to be on the bike and not in our hermetically sealed temperature controlled car.