Friday, July 20, 2012

Garden Update July 2012

Suddenly, the raised bed where I mixed the "quick compost" in May is looking a lot better.  The beans have reached the top of their trellis and are climbing back down and putting out blossoms.
I intended to get a picture of the grape clusters and scared the bird off this nest in the vines which about scared both of us to death.
The apples are looking really good even though I didn't do that great a job of thinning blossoms.  I thought I had severely thinned them, but as you can see, there are still plenty to mature.
Even with this small section of edible pea pods, we have plenty for our use now.  Squash were slow, but they are forming squash now.
I'm picking raspberries every other day and making jam and freezing berries for winter.
Oh, and the lovely flowers that are blooming:  My favorite clematis is in full bloom.
Lilies in several colors
And dahlias are finally starting to bloom also.
Definitely my favorite time of year!