Thursday, July 5, 2012

Changing Seasons in Summer in Washington

When our grandchildren, Jesse and Sara visited in June, we had a few nice days where we could get out and enjoy some of the wonderful places along the coast.  This is Admiralty Point on Whidbey Island.

Ron and the kids looking out over the sound from Ft Casey State Park.
We were able to get out and work on our maze - which was originally intended to be a Christmas tree farm.  We were never around at Christmas to sell trees, so it is now becoming a maze.  The kids have hopes to open it to the public at some point and they work diligently every summer to keep it trimmed so we can drive the golf cart around in it.
It is actually shaping up nicely.  We gave it a test run last fall when we set up a treasure hunt for the younger grandchildren.  They had a grand time wandering the maze.

A few days later, we had a quick storm blow through - it took out our power for 22 hours.  Huge waves tore across the lake, and branches were ripped from the cedars that overhang the lake on the other side.  It rained so hard we couldn't even see all the way across the lake.

Same scene on the 4th of July - Weather spectacular - swimming and lake enjoyment begins.

Children can be entertained for hours catching the tiny stickleback fish and looking at them before releasing them back into the water.
It was a happy 4th of July - My favorite holiday of the year!