Friday, June 29, 2012

Movie Reviews

We have been trying to make the best of a bad weather situation around here since we have been home.  So when we wake up to rain, we start looking at the latest movie offerings.  This probably really astonishes our children, who had watched us avoid movie theaters for the past 25 years.  However, once we got started, we realized it is a fun way to while away a few rainy hours when our eyes get tired of reading.

These movies are still playing:

Men In Black III   Rated PG-13. This is apparently the third in a series.  I remember seeing one a while back, but couldn't remember much about it.  Ron assured me it was about space aliens, and bugs with a little bit of detective thrown in, and told me he was sure I would hate it.  Since at the time we couldn't find anything else playing that wasn't totally war and mayhem, I insisted it would be fine.  Ron was pretty much right about the plot - if he had thrown in "time travel" he would have pretty much nailed it.  However, it was entertaining enough and I always like Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith.

Rock of Ages  Rated PG-13.  It had a great cast so even though musicals aren't usually our first choice, we decided to go and take our musical teenage grandchildren.  We all really enjoyed the movie, the music, and the acting was great.  We had a couple of uncomfortable moments when we wondered about the PG-13 rating, but our kids are 16 and 17, and they were totally familiar with the music, so they probably enjoyed it more than we did.

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World Rated R.  Although quite entertaining, it also was a bit depressing.  I am sure if everyone in the world knew for certain that an asteroid would hit the earth and wipe out everything in 3 weeks that the excesses would be at least as bad as portrayed.  The main characters didn't seem that well suited to each other, but the story did manage to flow pretty well.  It left us feeling a bit empty at the end in spite of some comic episodes throughout the movie.  I think it would be best to NOT see something like the asteroid coming.

Magic Mike - Rated R.  Ron actually picked this one over "Ted" that I would have chosen.  When we entered the theater, it was packed with young women, which seemed a bit curious.  However, it wasn't hard to see why as the movie progressed.  We recognized a lot of the scenery from our winters in Tampa, so that was fun.  Matthew McConaughey is definitely a great actor, but Channing Tatum was good as well.  Definitely raunchy in places, but I guess we should expect that in a movie about a male strip club. All in all, funny and entertaining.