Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Making Strawberries

Birds and rabbits love the strawberry patch.  This week Sara and Jesse are visiting and Sara mentioned that she heard if you painted rocks and put them in the strawberry bed, the birds would peck them and decide to leave them alone.  Our strawberries are just starting to ripen, so most are still white although we did collect a few today.

We collected various rocks on our way down the hill from the garden.  (There is no shortage of rocks in our world.)  Then we found a can of red spray paint and painted them on one side.
This step involved getting every bit of the rock painted - a perfect job for a perfectionist.
So we decided we had better turn them over and get the other side. We were patient enough to wait (more or less) until the first side was dry and then sprayed the other side.
We decided this deception we were practicing on the birds would be more effective if we added some other color to the rocks.
The finished product really did look a lot like strawberries.
Final step - strategically place them in the rows of strawberries:
They might not fool everyone, but we are hoping they at least fool something with a bird brain.