Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Garden Update

Even in a cold rainy week, we have some beautiful things to look at in the Pacific Northwest in the spring.  Last night, just about when we had decided to pack up and head south looking for sunshine, the sun gave us this treat.
The sun on the little mountain at one end of the lake, and a rainbow on the other.
okay, the garden - it is struggling - I have put about 30 pounds of diatamaceous earth on everything I have planted, and I don't see evidence of slugs any more, but something is sure eating the beans as they come up.  My friend, Karen, brought me some bean starts so I am going to try again.  My experimental compost seems to be a mushy mess.
My strawberry rotation got all mixed up this year when the weeds were so thick I had to basically replant every plant.  However, they are showing green berries now, so we may have a few berries.  I am "waiting for next year" for a good crop.  That seems to be the story of my life around here.
The flowers are doing better - this bronze iris is fragrant and has spread finally, so I have several.
This light blue variety is also fragrant and one of my favorites.
This one is so dark blue it is nearly black and is huge - my favorite!
And the rhodies, being native, seem to really thrive in the cool wet weather.  All in all, life is good - in spite of the rain.  Still waiting for warmer weather when I can swim every day though!