Sunday, May 6, 2012

Visiting in Eastern Washington May 2012

On our way home, we stopped in Eastern Washington and visited our son and his family.  They have been busy building a greenhouse, a fence around the garden, and new raised beds within the garden.  Tony and I are competing for the most expensive tomato we can raise, factoring in all the improvements it is taking to grow vegetables properly.
New raised beds and fence to keep out the deer.
New greenhouse - it was toasty warm inside on a sunny but cool day.  Lots of plants already started inside.
Tina's ladies - looking for a handout, but producing 8-10 beautiful brown eggs every day.
Jesse with his giant cat, Squeezy
We went for a walk looking for wild asparagus and to admire all the new flowers and emerging plants in the woods.
Interesting rock formation in T&T's woods looks like a smiling ghost.