Sunday, May 27, 2012

Projects, Projects

We came home this year determined to clean up all the deferred maintenance around our Washington property.  This involved a bunch of very hard and unpleasant tasks.  We built the hot tub building around a huge cooler that we had salvaged from one of our past lives when we had a bakery.  After a couple of rations of "fixing" it at $700 a crack, we decided it was time for it to go.  That is when we found how sturdily it was built.  In the end, Ron used the chainsaw and a splitting maul to break it down into small enough pieces to remove from the building.
 The cooler joins an old range from our guest cottage, gutters from the log house in preparation for the new roof that is going on in August, and the old furnace from the basement of the log house in our front yard.  
 Fortunately, we know a guy who recycles things, and he came by with a big trailer and hauled it all away for us.
Except the three glass doors to the cooler that I saved to make more raised beds.
Now I have a place to start seedlings in the spring.