Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Deferred Maintenance

There is a problem with coming back to Washington at the first of May.  The ten acres that Ron mows always takes a couple of times through to look like a golf course again. 

This year something had destroyed the electrical line between our guest house and the well house.  We suspect the moles - so after digging a 950 foot ditch (mostly with the tractor) we decided this time we should encase the wire in conduit.
Fortunately, I had cut out the old raspberry canes before we left in the fall, but I did have three long rows of strawberries to weed while Ron was working on the well problem.
I planted the entire garden within a week of being home, so until the weeding cycle starts, I am going to concentrate on thinning the apple blossoms, pruning the grapes, and weeding flower beds.
The dahlia beds are nearly done - just in time as the new sprouts are popping up everywhere.  I decided to quit fighting the Comfrey and let one small patch grow - maybe I will even figure out how to use it this year!