Monday, April 23, 2012

Sights around Salt Lake City

We came to Salt Lake City to see our son, Cameron, and his family.  Here he is with his son, Gavin.
Our daughter-in-law, Anne, with Gavin on the train from the Gateway Mall where we parked to the City Creek mall which is downtown right opposite the temple.  
The mall is absolutely beautiful - the creek runs all through the mall, with waterfalls from one story to the next and pools here and there throughout the mall.
We walked all around the mall on the outside of the shops that ringed the walkways.
Every major retailer seems to be represented at the mall.
And some that I wasn't even familiar with.
There are fountains all over the mall, and all of them are accessible for children to get wet.  It was a hot sunny day, so lots of kids in the fountains.
We had lunch at Kneaders and had to stand in line there were so many people coming to the mall for lunch.
Gavin is beginning to warm up to both Ron and I.
Just in time for us to be on our way again - this time heading for our last stop in Tonasket on our way home to our Washington home.