Monday, April 9, 2012

Last Pictures from Florida and Georgia

We had a nice birthday dinner for Mom before they headed back to Alaska on Thursday.  One of our favorite restaurants in Englewood sits on a small lake and has a deck out over the lake where we can dine alfresco and watch the alligators.
Here are all of our shadows looking over the alligator in his resting place.
Soon a turtle and dozens of fish heard us walking on the patio, so they all hung around waiting to see if we would feed them.
The alligators all gathered under the deck hoping for a handout.
Dick and Ron stuck to beef - Mom and I were more adventurous and had a really great seafood pasta in a marinara sauce.
Happy 93rd birthday, Mom!  Still beautiful!

Then Millie and Dick were off to Alaska and Ron and I headed back to Georgia on Easter Sunday.
The flowers along the freeway are in full bloom.
At home the Amarylis are blooming
The figs are getting bigger, but sadly won't be ready before we leave next week. The corn in the field is already knee high.
On our way to town today, this car blocked our road.  Yikes!  How did she get that upside down on a flat road?
Fortunately, the driver wasn't hurt.  The car will never be the same though.