Saturday, April 14, 2012

Getting Ready for Market

When we were real estate agents, it was always hard to show raw land.  Even finding one property corner was an accomplishment. When property is surveyed, the wooden stakes that mark corners disappear after a few years.  That is especially true here in SW Georgia where vines and brush and trees can grow to astonishing heights in a single season.  We made an effort to keep our established corners by having a metal fence post driven by the surveyor when he did our survey in 2005.  This year, when we decided to put the Georgia property on the market, we went another step, and made markers for each lot corner.
What seems like a simple task actually took all of one day - first finding a good board and painting it on all sides, then finding the right size numbers in Word, printing them out, tracing them with carbon onto the board, then cutting into individual pieces, then painting the numbers.  After the paint dried, we drilled holes into each marker, threaded stainless steel wire through the holes, and then used the mower around the reachable corners and the machete on the ones in the forest to clear a path to the stake, then attaching the markers to the individual posts.
Look at that corn grow!

Now anyone interested in the lots can easily walk to every corner and clearly identify where each lot stops and starts.
R&R Kitchen


Millie and Dick master bath

Kitchen island and dining area at Dick and Millie's house
Millie and Dick living room
Millie and Dick pantry/laundry room

Today I took a slew of pictures of the interiors of both houses. 
Millie and Dick's kitchen

Now I am ready to make flyers to display on Zillow, Craig's list, and to distribute to local realtors.  One more task complete - nearly ready to hit the road on Monday.