Sunday, February 5, 2012

Spring Flowers in Georgia

Spring is here early this year, and we welcome it with open arms!  Last year our high temperature for the day was 42 degrees - BRR - not what we come to the South in the winter to experience!  This year has been a delight.  Lots of warm sunny days, and even the cloudy days have been warm.  The flowers feel it too, and are starting to bloom in earnest.  I even spotted some white iris blooming in the median in Eufaula on Friday.
The Bradford pear aren't quite in bloom, but they are thinking about it.  You can see the buds on this baby Bradford pear tree, and the birds are already building their nests.
These tiny daffodils are always one of our first notices that spring is coming.
Hyacinth - one of my favorites - fragrant and beautiful in such a variety of colors.
I just found this beautiful lily at Home Depot - lilies do well here, but they normally bloom a bit later.  Hope HD forcing it won't stunt its growth.
We filled Mom's flower boxes with Flox, Stocks, petunias, dianthus and flowering kale.  We have found that all of these are both cold and heat resistant and can last for years even with limited watering in the summer.
You might notice some ragged leaves on these flowering Kale - they taste just as good as the Kale I grow in my garden, so I can't resist sampling a leaf when I pass by.