Sunday, February 26, 2012

Creek Indian Trail - Eufaula, AL

On a cloudy gloomy day we couldn't find a movie we wanted to see, so we decided to check out the hiking/biking path that winds through Eufaula.  
The trail starts near the post office in the middle of town and follows the old railroad grade across Chewalla Creek between the causeway (US 82) that connects Georgetown, GA with Eufaula, AL, and US Highway 431 that runs between Dothan AL and Columbus GA.
The trail is nicely marked every quarter mile, so we could keep track of our progress.
Several unpaved side trails offer views of the creek, a cemetery and a natural land bridge.
The waterfall isn't too full today, but I am sure it was raging on Saturday when 3" of rain fell in about 20 minutes.
Since the trail follows the old railroad bed, there are interesting things to see - like this old loading ramp.
and Reeves Peanut Company, still an operating company.  The pathway is lined with Dogwood trees, like the one in the middle of this picture, that are just about ready to pop into bloom.
Some trees and flowers are already in bloom, but in about a week, nearly everything will be blooming.
Carolina Creeper is just beginning to bloom.
Lots of views of the Chattahoochee River from the trail.  The causeway is at the end of this picture on the south side of town.
Highway 431 can be seen on the north side of the walk.  The pathway continues past the schools, and the community center where we swim in the mornings, and all the way to the Old Town Park.  Definitely a great walk that we will add to our daily exercise plan.