Saturday, January 21, 2012

Boating to Stump Pass

We found a great place to dock the boat on the back side of Manasota Key in Stump Pass.
We walked across the island to the Gulf side where we walked on the beach and looked for shark's teeth.
This poor little guy looked like he got hit by a boat propeller or something, but he looked like was healing.

Lots of people out on all the sand bars, on their skidoos, in their boats, and fishing.
Mom started out all bundled up, but soon shed the outer layers.
to soak up some sun.
We watched an Osprey eating a fish on a limb over his nest.
Dick had some bait shrimp that he wanted to use up, so we stopped in the bay to fish.
After trying their luck in the bay, Ron and Dick decided to try another spot for fishing.
So we went back via a shortcut behind all the little islands.
We stopped at the bridge to Manasota Key.
Oh, My, what kind of fish is that??
They caught all kinds of small fish, so an opportunistic Cormorant soon found us.  We never knew before that Cormorants had green eyes!
Great day on the water!