Sunday, December 4, 2011

Boca Grande, Gasparilla Island, Florida

On another beautiful SW Florida day, Ron and I set off once again on the motorcycle.  We decided to head down to Boca Grande, which is about 30 miles south.
Just before we took the bridge onto the island, we spotted this flock of birds - mostly Wood Storks, but with a few white Ibis and some Anhingas.
At the end of Gasparilla Island a park and lighthouse overlook the channel from the bay into the Gulf of Mexico.
This picture in no way illustrates the fury of the current and the waves as they come through the pass.  We watched a small trawler going through with bated breath, worrying it might capsize.
In spite of the gorgeous sandy beach, definitely not a place for a swim.
Several beaches grace the island - this one at the lighthouse.
In places, there is the road, a golf cart track, AND a bike path.  I am pretty sure there are more golf carts than cars on the island.
It is a lovely island with lots to do - shopping, eating, beachcombing, swimming, swimming, and birdwatching to name a few things.
Ospreys build the tackiest nests of any bird I have observed.  This one is actually trying to make a nest on a solar panel that is set at a 45 degree angle.  
There is a toll to cross the bridge onto the island, which is probably what keeps it from being hopelessly overcrowded.