Thursday, November 17, 2011

Stump Pass, Englewood, Florida

We knew we had to get going early if we were going to enjoy a morning boating.  By afternoon, the sun can be brutal, so we had the boat in the water and left at 8 a.m.
Of course, it took two towels to wipe the seats down because of the heavy dew.
Stump Pass, at the end of Manasota Key is one of our favorite beaches.  You can drive to the park, but it is over a mile hike to the pass, so the beaches at the pass are lightly used.
The birds like it here too!  The tide was going out, leaving lots of area for birds to find food.
There are protected sandy beaches on the bay side of the island where we can nose the boat up on the beach and walk across to the gulf.
It is a very short walk across to the gulf beaches.
We could see the clouds to the north, but it was perfectly clear to the south.
We opted for the channel between mangrove islands instead of the intercoastal waterway for our return trip.

By the time we got back to the dock around noon, it was getting really hot and all the clouds were gone.  Nice to come in where we have A/C.