Thursday, November 10, 2011

Boating in Lemon Bay

Captain Ron - boat spic and span and engine running smoothly, sunny skies, smooth water, perfect day in SW Florida.  We took our first boat trip on November 9.  Lemon Bay is a great place for bird watching.  Even an amateur can identify the big water birds.
Great White Egret
Immature little white heron on dock on left.  Yes, it is blue, but it will change to white as it matures.  It is the only bird with greenish bill and legs and blue feathers that looks like an egret or heron.
Flock of white ibis
We also saw tons of anhinga, crested cormorants, great blue herons, 
brown pelicans, seagulls, and a couple of dolphins in Lemon Bay.
Just about a perfect day for cruising the intercoastal waterway.