Thursday, October 20, 2011

Manasota Key, Florida

Manasota Key, sits about half in Charlotte County and half in Sarasota County in SW Florida.  Our house in Englewood is about halfway between the southern road onto the Key and the northern road.  Today was a beautiful sunny day so we went out to the Key.  Unlike "the season" when you can barely find a standing place, let alone a parking place, the Key was nearly deserted today.
The waves were high enough to attract a few surfers, but most of the  people on the beach were collecting shells, swimming or just basking in the sun.
Here is a close up of the shells:
Great for shell seeking, not so great for barefoot beach walking.
The canopy road up the island is beautiful with lots of interesting houses and plants to view.
Many houses are "Gulf to Bay" with the house on the gulf side of the island and the dock on the bay side.  Definitely "lottery option" homes to drool over.
Now this is a fixer!
Walls of bougainvilla and palms
This looked like a Christmas Cactus plant growing up a host tree.
The plant was covered with gigantic yellow blooms.
Manasota Key - something for everyone - one of our favorite places.