Friday, October 14, 2011

Back in Florida

After a week of intensive gardening and cleaning in Georgia, we headed down to deal with our boat and house in Florida.  We have been away from both the Georgia and Florida houses for over six months, so lots of deferred maintenance waited for us both places.  The boat battery was totally dead, so our first stop today was at West Marine to get a replacement battery.
It is so much easier when we have a full time gardener to take care of the yard work.  The things we had to do at the Florida house were all inside.  Dust, a few spiders, a little bit of mildew, and we were really thinking about listing the house on
We couldn't get the dishwasher working, so we went to Home Depot and got a new one - when it is delivered next Tuesday, the house should be ready to list.

I was able to get the TV's working and my mobile hot spot works really well.  The only thing we can't offer on the rental is internet service.  Hopefully that won't be too big a problem. 
We have been swimming laps every afternoon in the community pool.  The weather is perfect 85 during the day and 60ish at night.  Off for a boat trip tomorrow!