Monday, June 20, 2011

Square Foot Garden Update - First day of summer

It definitely hasn't been the year to begin a garden adventure in the Pacific Northwest so far.  However, with the beginning of summer, we are actually looking at days that get to a normal high and a few days of sunshine in a row. 

Everything is late this year.  As we near the end of June, I still have irises that haven't bloomed.  The ones that are blooming are beautiful though.  My square foot garden that was built in the mini-snow storm of late April, has been struggling along.  I have replanted the beans and squash twice already.  The peas came up well, but then a slug got in and wiped out several, so I replanted them about two weeks ago.  To say gardening is a challenge in the Pacific NW is a masterpiece of understatement.
The peas I originally planted are about 18" tall.
The cabbage look great - but this may be a "Cabbage Year" where all that does well is cabbage.
Fortunately, the spinach is doing well - it is my favorite garden vegetable.
Broccoli, like cabbage, does well in a cool wet year.
Carrots and beans are struggling.
Beets and squash are barely up.

I gave everything a new dose of diatamaceous earth (which has kept out the bugs, but hasn't been totally effective on slugs) and steer manure compost, and am hoping the sunny days of summer will kick everything into high gear.