Monday, June 6, 2011

Our Friends on Vashon Island

The sun woke us up again this morning.  Ron got the bike out and we were contemplating which way to ride - clouds were rumored to be rolling in from the south, so we were thinking north or east when the phone rang.  We hadn't seen our friends Dick and Lora for over a year, so we were happy to change our plans, put the bike away, and head out in the car to visit them on Vashon Island when Dick invited us to come out for lunch.
 Dick and Lora have collected an amazing array of antiques -  everything from bureaus to slot machines to all kinds of car paraphernalia.  For the past 25 years they have been building a house on their beautiful Vashon Island property.  Sometimes it seemed like they would never finish the house.  Three years ago, the original roof had reached its life span and had to be replaced before they ever moved into the house. But they never wavered from their attention to detail and never just rushed to complete it.  Finally, last summer, it was complete enough for them to move in.  
The home feels more like a work of art than a house.  A massive fireplace extends from the first floor through to the third floor, opening up to a different masterpiece of brickwork on each level.  The elevator also runs from the first floor to the third.

I have never seen copper gutters and downspouts before.  Stamped concrete covers the driveway under the portico at the entrance.
Oh, the collectibles!
Lots of garages to house all the car collection.  It really is an amazing place.  Of course, a 6,000 sq ft one-bedroom house might not appeal to anyone but a true artist.