Saturday, January 29, 2011

Motorcycle Ride to Marianna FL

When we woke up to sunny skies and a forecast for a high of 75 degrees, we immediately thought, "Let's go for a bike ride!"  
First stop - visit our friends, Jesse and Peggy and figure out where to go.  We decided on Blue Springs National Recreation area, and headed south from Dothan, AL toward Marianna, FL.
Blue Springs is the headwater of Spring Creek, which flows into the Chipola River.  Unfortunately, we found that they are only open from Memorial Day through Labor Day.
The old Icehouse Restaurant (now the Riverfront Bar and Grill) sits on Spring Creek just below the springs, so we backtracked to the road that goes to the restaurant and sat by the window watching the fishermen on the other side of the stream.  After a great lunch we walked across the bridge and into the park.
Jesse and Peggy at the canoe launch where my folks and Ron and I launched canoes a few years back and floated Spring Creek and the Chipola River.  Spring Creek is unique as it is crystal clear.  When we floated the creek, we saw divers diving for mastedon bones near the end of the creek where it comes into the river.  Once we got to the river, it was typical of most southern rivers - brown and muddy looking. (Note:  Peggy is NOT smoking, that's her camera.)
Even though it was nice and warm, Ron and I stayed bundled up as we are still recovering from colds.
This is my idea of fishing!
This is an excellent example of "Cypress Knees"
We came home to discover that the blackbirds had discovered out feeders and cleaned us out.