Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tarrer Inn, Colquitt, Georgia

On this beautiful day in mid-October, we set off early on our motorcycle to meet our friends in Colquitt for lunch at the famous Tarrer Inn.  The link takes you to the current events of the town.  The most important is the Swamp Gravy Festival.  People come from miles around to watch local actors portray events from the area's history.  We squeezed into the Tarrer Inn in front of a busload of tourists from Valdosta, which is two hours away. 
Jesse, Peggy, Rosie, Ron
This meant we got first crack at the amazing buffet.
I took the smallest possible portion of most everything and sure wouldn't have wanted to miss any of it!  A non-Southerner might turn up their nose at "fat back", and that might be a good thing for their waist line.  However, once you try it, you will surely come back for more!  At this buffet, it was dipped into some sort of batter and deep fried.  I am starting to figure out why I gain weight every single winter when we are in the South!
The city is full of murals 
Notice the bin of peanuts being pulled by the mural in the square.
The cotton mill has been transformed into the playhouse for the Swamp Gravy play.  The next performance was an hour away and sold out, so we moved on - happy to be outside riding the bikes on such a glorious fall day.