Friday, October 8, 2010

Do I See Progress?

It has gotten hot again down here in Georgia, so we realized that if we were going to get done with our yard work, we would have to skip our morning swim at the pool and get busy early.  This morning, we were up at dawn, and had worked an hour before the sun came up.  It is so pleasant in the early morning with the temperature starting out at 55 degrees.  We know that as soon as the sun comes up, it will quickly get hot and all the bugs will wake up, so an early start is essential.

This morning, we concentrated on my folks' flower beds.  My Dad has built brick planter boxes on two sides of the house.  You would think that a two foot tall wall would be sufficient to keep weeds at bay, but they only consider it a trellis.  Mom has some nice Gerber daisies, and some creeping Thyme that were still alive, but most everything had to go.
Ron was a huge help - He really doesn't know a flower from a weed, but he has a strong back and was willing to pull grass and trees.
Once the big stuff was gone, I dug deeper and got the roots out.  Surprisingly, after 30 days without rain, the dirt wasn't totally dry.  The flower beds will be ready for Mom's green thumb and her choice of winter plants.

What are these flowers?  They have popped up everywhere, and are absolutely beautiful.  I don't think we ever planted them though.