Sunday, September 19, 2010

Twitter and Me

Okay, no pictures today - today a discussion of Twitter, which frankly, I don't get!  I signed up for a Twitter account over a year ago (before I even began blogging) and couldn't figure out what exactly the purpose of it all was.  I immediately got some "followers" which (other than my daughter, Amy, who introduced me to Twitter) were strangers who appeared to have something to sell.  I can't imagine posting "I'm in the post office now," or anything so inane and taking up space on the world wide web like that.

However, now I watch my daughter using Twitter to expand her world and I have decided to give it an honest try.  So every day for a year, I am going to post something significant to me on Twitter.  This will hopefully inspire me to have a significant something to say in 144 characters or less every day.

If anyone else is interested in my grand Twitter experiment, please let me know your twitter address so I can follow you.  My address is - please join me as I try to keep up-to-date with the most current way of communicating.  And please feel free to tell me if you consider my "significant" something to be lame, in which case, the experiment may end abruptly.