Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sara's Steer

We got up early and headed to Okanogon to the Fair grounds where our granddaughter, Sara, has been showing her steer all week.  Today was "Market Day" where all the animals the kids have worked so hard on all year were sold at auction.  This is a place to get the most prime meat available in the state.  All of these animals have been fed and pampered and trained for a year.  It is Sara's first year of showing an animal, and we were very proud of her to place 3rd in the competition.  

Squirrel Tree Inn - on Stevens Pass - Great Place for Breakfast
The auction didn't start until 3, so we got up early and had a leisurely trip across the pass, stopping at the Squirrel Tree Inn just before Leavenworth for breakfast.

We were in time to watch Sara give Buford one last bath and blow dry his coat.

A successful fair year is complete!