Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Home Sweet Home

As we prepare to head for our winter home in Georgia, on a beautiful fall day, we always wonder why anyone could possibly want to live anywhere but here.
It is easy to forget the last week where we set records for rain and cool temperatures or that winter is a dark dreary affair around here.  Truly, the real sun worshipers live in Washington.  When the sun comes out, we must be outside to enjoy it and housework be damned.

Surprisingly, many of the "annuals" that I bring inside to an unheated but east and south facing daylight basement will survive the winter.  Fortunately, we have great neighbors that give them a drink every other week or so.

The trumpet vine will bloom all winter.
Glory of Hempstead
I have mulched the dahlias with bark and let them continue to bloom.  I find they do better when I leave them in the ground.These are the ones I dug last year and planted when I got home in May.  They are just now forming buds.  I mulched them and will leave them in the ground this year.
Otto's Pride

But the changing colors and falling leaves tell us it is time to join the other migrating animals and head south.