Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Get Together with The Girls From Granite

We are blessed in our class to have someone who keeps us all together.  Even when we were in high school, we could depend on Jackie and Elsie to do the organizing for parties and events.  Now Elsie has moved out of state, but Jackie still rounds us up for a luncheon nearly every month.  This is my last meeting with the girls from Granite for the next six months as we head for our winter home in Georgia next week.

Mary Lou suggested the Madison Pub on Madison Avenue in Everett for this month's gathering.  As we drove up, it looked a lot like an ordinary tavern, so I was a bit skeptical - but the food was great and plentiful and we had a great gab session.  A bit depressing to hear about all the ailments our classmates are starting to feel, but nice to still be in touch with important people in my life from the way back machine.

Mary Lou
And of course, there is the food - this is the Rueben sandwich with fries made from scratch on site.  Very yummy!