Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lakes of Snohomish County

There are 463 lakes in Snohomish County.  To document all of them would take years.  So I am starting with those closest to my home, and those where power boats are allowed.  There are only 5 of these.  Some are pretty well-known:  Lake Stevens, Lake Goodwin, and Lake Shoecraft.

Today we took a motorcycle ride to the two that are nearer our house, and that are less well-known.   The first is Lake Roesiger, site of a homestead turned into a park.  It is the 4th largest of the lakes in the County.  The park is well maintained and has a very nice swimming area, sandy beach, restrooms, and hiking trail.
Lots of interesting historical information, old growth fir trees, and even a spreading chestnut tree for shady picnics.

On to Flowing Lake, the smallest of the power boat lakes in Snohomish County.  It has a very nice park area, complete with a big play toy for small children, a picnic shelter, rest rooms, picnic tables in both the shade and the sun, and a good swimming area.  There is a daily charge of $5 per car.  Best access now is off Dubuque Road, as 3 Lakes Road is closed part way for construction.
Picnic Shelter at Flowing Lake

Fun for the kiddos!