Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jetty Island - Everett WA

The free ferry is run by the City of Everett Park Department.  The ferry arrives at the 10th Street Dock to take its first load of passengers (80 max) to Jetty Island, visible in the distance across the Snohomish River.

Ron with our grandson, Jesse, after we arrived on the island on the 11 a.m. ferry.  When we arrived at 10 a.m., all the boarding passes for the first four ferries were taken.  We stood in the standby line until the ferry was full.  After early standby's were loaded, we were given three boarding passes for the 11 a.m. ferry.  We left immediately to get breakfast.  As soon as we saw people arriving with their children and picnic supplies, we realized we probably should have brought more stuff (like food) with us.  When we arrived at the island, we had to immediately choose a return time and collect a boarding pass.  The ferry trip is only about 5 minutes, so we chose 2 p.m. for our return.

Most of the crowd congregates near the ferry dock.  The tide was out, leaving many hundreds of feet of sandy beach exposed. 

What a great place for kids to wallow in the water and mud and not get TOO dirty.

We continued down the beach, finding only a few other people, interesting driftwood, and wind boarders.  This is a new thing that we hadn't seen before.  It is kind of a combination of surfing, wind surfing, flying a kite, and hang gliding.  We watched a young man suit up in some very specialized gear and pump up the struts on his sail, and then talked to him about the sport as he waited for the wind to get perfect.
While he waited, many other surf boarders showed up - the forecast of  "small craft advisory" suited them for their sport.  It really did look like fun.  When the wind kicked up and they got their sails aloft, they were cruising along about 30 mph.

Something for everyone who likes the water on Jetty Island.  People were still waiting in line to come to the island on the ferry at 2 p.m. and the last ferry returns at 6 p.m., on a weekday afternoon.  It is a very popular place!