Friday, August 6, 2010

Canadian Motorcycle Trip - Osoyoos to Sumas

We took the motorcycle to see our kids in Eastern Washington, and then returned home via the trans-Canada highway.  The kids live within 30 miles of the Canadian border, so the Canadian route is an option for crossing the Cascade Range.  Here we are resting after the 250 mile trip from our house to the kids'.

We followed Tony up to see the house he is working on.  It is really looking good.  Great views, huge big house.  The last time we saw it it was pretty rough, but he has accomplished wonders with it already.  Tony is putting tile in bathrooms and kitchen now.  Then countertops, carpet and trim will finish the job.  Look for it soon on Tina's website.

We started our Canadian venture in the city of Osoyoos, on beautiful Lake Osoyoos.  As we climbed out of the city on Canada Hwy 3, we stopped at an overlook of the city where we could see 
Lake Osoyoos is definitely a resort town.  Many boats, jet skis, and swimmers in the water.   A beautiful brick walking path surrounds most of the lake, with many park benches, fountains, and plantings everywhere.

vinyards overlooking Lake Osoyoos.  We were on the official "Wine Route" across British Columbia.  Unfortunately, we were a bit early for a nice lunch and wine tasting at a vinyard.  Most weren't open until noon, and we were passing through around 10.  Haze filled the air from wildfires of the past few weeks.  It was warm and sunny though, with the temperature on the bike reading 78 or 79 most of the way.

The scenery was spectacular - mountains, rivers, wildflowers and a windy twisty road, perfect for a motorcycle ride.
The clouds gathered and we wondered if we might get wet as we crossed the Cascade range on several passes.  The highest was 2129 meters, well over 6000'.  We did get a few raindrops, and the temperature dropped to 68 degrees, but we soldiered on and didn't stop to don a jacket and we were soon back in sunny 78 degrees.
Taking the Canadian route home added about 100 miles and 3 hours to the most direct way home, but was worth it!