Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Baby Shower for Johanna

The hostess, Amy, with her trusted helper, husband Dan.

Dan helped document the event.  Kathleen, Johanna's Mom, came all the way from Spokane.

Marla, Johanna, Colleen

Brianna made Mojitas to tie in with the green and white theme.  

Lots of interesting and yummy food

Johanna, New Mom to be soon - Anticipated Date September 12

My daughter, Amy, hosted a baby shower for her cousin Johanna yesterday at our house in Granite Falls.  All the guests managed to find their way around our annoying detour.  What is normally a one and a half mile trip into Granite is now 12 miles while the County replaces the 3' culvert under the road for Coon Creek with a 30' culvert.  Seems kind of like overkill to us, but shovel ready projects are hard to find.

There is no sneaking around this - it started as a gorge 100' wide and 30' deep - as you can see, welcome progress!

Amy and Dan worked all morning to prepare some very exotic food for our midday brunch/baby shower.

Frichetta wrapped in prochetta - (I am sure both are misspelled)  I think Amy will post the recipe on her blog: - I do know it involved Dan chopping 5 pounds of Shitake mushrooms and Amy separating 18 eggs to use just the whites, and hand wrapping and tying with chives when the egg/mushroom mixture was solid enough to cut into squares.